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In the middle ages, when Richard the Lion Heart reigned, the English and the French fought for control of the Dordogne.

Construction of the château at Cazenac began in the 14th century with the building of the west tower ( now the study and the pink room). It was an outpost for the defence of its nearby property at Bigaroque.

During the renaissance, at the end of the 15th century and the start of the 16th, a second artillery tower on the east side as well as open gunports were added. The countryside was later at peace until the wars of religion.

In happier times, from the 17th. century until the French revolution, a new façade with large windows facing south overlooking the river Dordogne was built. This joined the two towers to east and west and transformed Cazenac into a delighful residence.

Cut into the stone above the windows in the roof are rays of the sun in honour of king Louis X1V and wall paintings in the dining room are evidence of a newfound prosperity.
Towards the middle of the 19th. century large scale works were carried out to improve the comfort of the building. The main structure was restored and a series of outhouses built round a courtyard entered through a wrought iron gate.
Until the middle of the 19th. century Cazenac belonged to our cousins the Abzacs, an old Périgord family. In 1988 we purchased the property and carried out improvements needed to achieve a maximum of comfort while respecting the authentic nature of the buildings.
Today style and history combine to make Cazenac a graceful and living pageant +.
The Constant family